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Our Mission

Provide a fun, therapeutic and educational experience for families and children in our community. We are committed to creating an environment where visitors can interact with a variety of friendly animals and learn about their unique behaviors and needs.

Upcoming Events


Volunteer Training 7/18

Want to help out around the farm? Here is where to start!

The Piggy Bank

We work hard to keep our farm and animals happy and healthy! As a non-profit, our achievements are driven by visitors and the generosity of donations. 

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Our Family, Our Farm

Our family is so excited to open up the farm so that other families can enjoy the animals and their unique personalities. Scott and I moved to Clover almost 3 years ago and have been working so hard to achieve this goal. Our son is on the spectrum and since the diagnosis, we have been researching extensively about autism and different therapeutic strategies for autistic children. That's when we noticed this was needed for our community.

- Megan

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